Sabina Park Cricket Stadium

Project: Sabina Park Cricket Stadium

Location: Kingston, Jamaica

Client: Jamaica Cricket 2007 Ltd. / Government of Jamaica

Architects: HOK Sports – U.S.A

Main Contractor: Ashtrom International Ltd.










With the Cricket World Cup scheduled to be held in the Caribbean during March-April 2007, a decision was taken to renovate the Sabina Park Cricket Stadium and add a new arena with a capacity of 20,000 spectators.


Adopting the solution proposed by PALGAG Technologies, the project embarked on the planning and construction of 4,500 square meter roofing system supported by main trusses at 12 meter intervals.


To cope with the 12 meters free span, while meeting building planner's roofing system specification and requirements, the PALGAG solution featured: Secondary beams between the main trusses; Perforated cassettes, AK-90, made of pre-painted galvanized steel, fixed to the bottom flange of the secondary beams; Insulation layers; Aluminium Riverclack covering system.


The AK-90 perforated cassettes created a clean and aesthetic look between the main trusses, adding to the impressive beauty of the stadium roof.


The work was successfully implemented, complying with a very strict schedule.

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